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We believe in messy houses, really. Ok, hear us out.

We believe that your home is a place to be creative in, to be played in, to be celebrated in, to get messy in, to be safe in, to enjoy life in, to learn and grow in, and that it will not look picture perfect all the time. But, we also believe that if a home is organized well, it can be a powerful pathway to making precious memories. It is comforting to know that when the day is done everything has a place, and in a relatively short amount of time, you can reclaim your peaceful space.

Our Difference

  • Provide Education

    We believe in educating families, individuals, and companies - both comprehensive and project specific. Providing you the tools to keep an organized space.

  • Planned Maintenance

    We work with clients on how to protect and maintain their investment - through planned refreshes, seasonal check-ins, maintenance programs, and client check-ups.

  • You Focused Approach

    You don’t need to spend years purging, or cleaning the house before we come. In fact, we would prefer it if you didn’t. We want to see the real use of spaces, and work hand in hand with you to create your perfect home.

  • Create Your Plan

    We recognize that home organizing can be an intense investment. That’s why we offer subscription-based programs. Clients in these programs work with us once a month on a small section of their home, customized to individual time and budget.

Reclaim your home

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We offer a wide variety of services to meet your individual needs.

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  • What to expect

    Do NOT CLEAN FOR ME!!! Zero reason to. I want to see your trouble spots and where things land. Lots of measuring, discussions of ideas and budgets.  Talk about timeline, goals for the space, style, product preferences, etc…

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  • How do I book?

    Please schedule a FREE in-home or virtual consultation. This gives you a change to see if we're a good fit, visualize the plan, and discuss budgets.

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  • How long will the project take?

    We work at your pace! We can schedule your visits weekly, monthly, or get the whole job done as fast as possible.

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  • What if it gets disorganized again?

    Even the most organized home gets messy. It's not just about beautiful bins or fancy labels, being organized requires changing habits. We will educate you through the process so that you can develop new habits for your new space. If needed, we will come back and do required maintenance.

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Amanda and Neat Nation were lifesavers in helping us arrange and organize housing for one of our executives that travels extensively. She was professional in her interactions, asked astute questions, and ensured a smooth process for the company and the executive. We will definitely keep her in mind for our future needs.

Robert S.

Amanda is incredible! I first met Amanda in 2020, and since then she has organized spaces in my home, handled property management and home remodel projects (both big and small), excelled at executive assisting and corporate work subcontracted to her, and most recently assisted in a corporate relocation move-in/move-out. Amanda and her team are professional, detail-oriented, fast, and honest. Whatever you need inside your home or business (big or small) - Amanda can get it done. You could not be in better hands!

Regina P.

Amanda helped us organize our kitchen when we moved into our new home. We had no idea what we were doing and she swooped in to help us out! She found the perfect place for everything and even taught us the best way to fold and organize our dish towels. I will definitely use her for future projects!

Ivonne W.

I was so impressed in just a few hours she had it completed. Motivated me to go through my garage and gave me ideas on how to store things. I'd work with Amanda again!

Erynn K.

Amanda is simply amazing. She is kind and caring and truly wants to help make your life easier! From a relocation consultant to home organizer, she does it ALL... with a big smile! We needed to find a home quickly and she found us a great home in a wonderful location and even helped us set up a showing. During the moving process, she checked in multiple times and made sure she was available for anything we needed along the way. Once we arrived, her team helped me tackle the unpacking/organizing several rooms in our home while I got to go explore our new town and de-stress. They truly made it a stress-free process and we are so grateful! We would highly recommend Amanda and Neat Nation to anyone!

Morgan M.

Amanda contract us as a relocation specialist when we were renting out our home. She was great to work with! Quick with responses, honest, and tried to help in any way she could! Very considerate and not to mention, fun to talk to! We would love to work with her again in the future.

Katie R.

I really enjoyed working with Amanda. She was friendly, efficient, and professional. I was grateful for her help and felt like she was a very good fit. She helped me move through reorganizing my study with speed and efficiency.

Eden R.

They were fantastic. They responded quickly and listened to what I wanted. The work was great and my garage is now beautiful. I am hiring them again in the spring for my storage unit.

Jenny W.

Amanda was incredibly knowledgable and very helpful on the relocation process. She was full turnkey in her services and was also awesome in helping us unpack and get settled!

Dylan D.

Amanda came to my house and helped me find non permanent solutions to help me love my rental. She brought products not specific to my space so I can take them with me when we move. She was supportive and smiled the whole time. Definitely recommend.

Monica G.

Amanda and her team are always great to work with. I have had most of my home organized by them. During Covid my house became overwhelmed with stuff. They organize, and get rid of stuff I do not want or need. I have not felt pressured by them to purge, just gently guided.

Laurel R.

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