Want to wake up like this?


Long before #nomakeup was trending on Instagram, women have been longing for the beauty trick that can give them that “I woke up like this” flawlessness with zero effort. 

Long, dark and luscious, eyelash extensions are the perfect solution for those who aren't blessed with naturally dark and voluminous lashes, or hate having to spend time applying mascara in the mornings. Durable and waterproof, they last for 8-10 weeks and are perfect for daily wear, holidays, swimming and active lifestyles.

When you’re ready to let go of mascara smudging, flaking and clumping and say hello to long, thick, natural-looking lashes, book a treatment with our lash extension experts. They’ll have you wondering, “Why didn’t I do this sooner?”

Valentine's Special: Book yourself in for lash extensions 13-21 February and get 10% off! Get up looking oh-so-foxy and go about your business without ever having to worry that your eyes are anything other than gorgeous.